About the Authors
Rick Chavez served as a Navy pilot in the Vietnam era and retired as a captain with American airlines. A native of Colorado, Rick has traveled the world but now enjoys life in the desert with all of its animals, clear skies and vibrant beauty.

Kryste Andrews spent over thirty years in the New York City area as a professional musician, teacher and composer. Working out of her own private studio as well as Circle in the Square Theater School, she proudly brought many young singers to Broadway and international stages. She now lives in southern Arizona where she continues playing music while growing her international practice in hypnotherapy and sound healing. To learn more about how you can work with Kryste, visit krysteandrews.com

Expect more books to come in the LEGACY series, as well as VANQUISHING THE BULL, a Family Story by Kryste Andrews. To keep up to date on what’s going on with future book releases, you can sign up for Kryste’s newsletter and join her social media at krysteandrews.com